Ningbo Haosheng Pneumatic Machinery Co., Ltd (Haosheng) is a professional manufacturer, specializing in oil-free and low-noise mini air compressors, air brush kits and accessories products. Through the last 10 years, Haosheng has developed into a company with departments of research & development, manufacturing, quality control and marketing & sales with creative and professional staffs. Haosheng has dedicated itself to be an innovative leader in the mini air compressor field in China. A series of mini air compressors, art inkjet pumps, makeup pumps, portable sprayers, miniature vacuum pumps, spray booths, airbrushes, spray guns and etc., have been designed and developed since the establishment of the R&D department. And over 50 patents of invention, utility and design for a variety of mini air compressors have been granted...
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GS AS18 AS19

ETL 19 series

GS 176 series
Cosmetic Makeup: the combination of my company's pump and airbrush artist...
spraying: widely used in home decoration, construction scaffolding, advertising...
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